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About the Tea Houses (Accommodation)

You’ll be staying at various tea houses along the way that are very basic in accommodation to say the least.  Here are some tips and descriptions so you can plan accordingly.  It may sound a bit rough but you’ll be soon getting into the swing of things.

  • Beds are made for shorter people so if you are taller then 6 foot expect to have some over hang.
  • Bedding provided is often just a sheet to cover the mattress and a pillow so make sure your sleep wear and sleeping bags are accurate
  • The only place they heat is the main dining area, so this becomes the place to hang out play cards etc.  Be ready for the temperature difference when you leave this area.
  • There is no heating in the rooms at all with little to no insulation so the outside temperatures are the same or very close to the room temperatures.
  • The walls between the rooms are very thin so noise passes straight through them
  • The showers (if there are any) and the bathrooms are communal and often there is only one for the whole group.
  • The sink for washing hands and brushing teeth etc is sometimes outside.
  • The do not clean the facilities very often, so bring lots of wet wipes and hand sanitiser.
  • The staff are very friendly and will get you anything very quickly and always with a smile.
  • Even though it says “WiFi Available” you may not have internet access or it maybe very slow.  Check with the staff and they will tell you first.  Use the trip to have a technology detox.
  • They have central points for charging cameras, phones etc and charge around 100 – 200 rupees per hour.  They do not have power points in the rooms.  This is to conserve energy.  I brought small USB battery packs to recharge.  they are also handy on the trail in case of an emergency and can recharge your camera or phone several times per charge.