Yes, Just Blogging – No Facebook!

To Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc....
To Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc….

Well it seems people are really interested in this trip.  Not sure why, probably a few bets being made on the side about the chances of success.  It would be good to get in on that action.

Anyway after much discussion about facebook, google+, instagram, foursquare / swarm or whatever the bloody hell they are doing these days, as well as the rest of them have decided to go old school and just blog it…

OK, well I may be tempted to tweet as well on @new_horizon as well.

Training for Everest in Sydney

The harbour views in Sydney are always worth getting outside for and having a bit of exercise.   Living beside the harbour though is not too helpful for the high altitudes we are about to face we are looking at a peak altitude of just over 5500 metres  (18000 ft).

Anyway we enjoyed going on the many great hikes around Sydney and covered a lot of ground we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  And maybe changed some habits so we don’t just jump in the car to get something.  Much healthier both physically and mentally to walk those few kilomteres.

Everest Training in Sydney - Well you can go for a walk....
Everest Training in Sydney – Well you can go for a walk….
This really isn't training is it?
This really isn’t training is it?