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Training – What We Should Have Done….

Very Steep Stairs
Very Steep Stairs

With little knowledge of what lay in front of us our training was a little under cooked.  The distances traveled each day are not that far the challenge comes in the steady steep inclines or the downhills.  So here some things we did and others we should have done more of.

  • There a lot of stairs on the trail, far more then we expected, so if we were to do it again we’d do many more stairs, both up and down.  Make sure you find a good tall building and enjoy.
  • Squats to strengthen knees.
  • Train with the backpack and water bladder / bottles that you are going to use and fill them up so you get used to the extra weight and get used to drinking from them.
  • Wear the hiking boots that you are going to wear on the trail.

Training for Everest in Sydney

The harbour views in Sydney are always worth getting outside for and having a bit of exercise.   Living beside the harbour though is not too helpful for the high altitudes we are about to face we are looking at a peak altitude of just over 5500 metres  (18000 ft).

Anyway we enjoyed going on the many great hikes around Sydney and covered a lot of ground we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  And maybe changed some habits so we don’t just jump in the car to get something.  Much healthier both physically and mentally to walk those few kilomteres.

Everest Training in Sydney - Well you can go for a walk....
Everest Training in Sydney – Well you can go for a walk….
This really isn't training is it?
This really isn’t training is it?